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Posted by Charlespin

What is the best real money online casino for New Zealand players?

I love playing online and want to win some serious money. Please share your experiences playing with REAL MONEY. Thanks!


Nice! Keen to share my experience playing with real money.

SPOILER ALERT: long but useful post…

I know first hand Cosmo Casino is a VERY TRUSTABLE and fun place to play. I received the 150 chances at the first $10 deposit after I joined and was able to play with that amount for a while as I kept winning.

As an online player who likes to play with real money, I’ve learnt to be VERY CAUTIOUS. I’ve had bad experiences in the past that I wouldn’t like to repeat. As they say, you can never be too careful when it comes to money and identity.

So now, I do an EXHAUSTIVE RESEARCH before I even enter my email into any kind of websites, even more if I plan to make a deposit later on.

I’ve researched quite a few online casinos because my goal was to find one I could really trust. I based my investigation on 3 MAIN FACTORS: how secure my personal details will be, how easy to make a deposit, and how long does it take to withdraw or receive my earned money.

That’s how I found the best online casino so far to play with real money.

Later on, with a different deposit I won $3.1k. Got in contact with the live chat to get my money sent. The service was good. The deposit took a while though, about 5 days, but I did get every cent.


Wowza /u/amazin-dazy thank you for sharing all that.

Very helpful indeed.


jeez that was indeed long…


Haha sorry about that, man…

I do take my gambling SERIOUSLY 😉


I dont know.. Withdrawal times could be quicker and I would like to have more bonuses every day too…


I see.. you’re really trying to squeeze all the juice out, aren’t ya?!


liked the games and platform at Cosmo but sometimes it’s slow…


Yeah.. I think it’s because LOTS of people are logged in and playing at the same time. Has never been slow in the morning for me, for example lol


Ahh that makes sense, amizon-dazy.

Its happened to me too that it gets slow sometimes. I always say that every BIG WIN comes with a few bumps an lumps…


Ahh this can get interesting… can’t wait to see what some experienced players have to say…


I don’t understand why people keep asking for THE BEST of each tghing, I mean it can depend on so many different things…


Haha well, I’m a lazy bstard and I prefer when other people do the job for me 😉


vn’t made a first deposit yet ‘cuz I’m looking for a good one too


I tried casumo for a while but didnt like the games that much. Then I signed up to kingdom ‘cuz they were offering 3 free spins and I found a favorite game immortal creatures. Is really bice


Ahhh Immortal Creatures is THE best game. I have tried a few casinos looking for good bonuses: spincasino, kingdom, jackpotcity, action, cosmo, and I coud keep going…

I think so far it all dep ends on what I want to play and which games bring me more luck. I am a great fan of all microgaming pokies, so I tend to go to Kingdom Casino. It has all the good ones: 9 masks of fire, 9 pots of gold, arena of gold and my favorite too of course the immortal creatures.

And very important, it’s safe to play in NZ


Yeah I know this one is a good one too. Also passed my 3 FACTORS EVSLUATION.

Plus, if you’re new to Casino Kingdom and just signing up they offer you 40 chances to become a millionaire for just $1.

And then, after you fall inlove with all the slots and table games, etc, you can keep playing for a 100% match bonus up to $200.

SO it’s really a neat starting offer


Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know u/amazin-dazy


Wow guys, really.
Thanks for all the insight and for keeping this thread aqlive…


I would say: just set up a few accounts at different casinos, enjouy the signup bonus in each and start trying them all. In a few weeks you’ll find the one for you depending on what you like.


I’m with you man


Yeah well, I believe that’s part of the idea of the thread, right? To learn from people who already did that so that you don’t have to dign up to every casino. Someone’s already done it…

My friend also likes to play at Cosmo, he said it’s very easy to deposit with skrill and has a good variety of games and pokies..


I always recommend Kingdom too. It’s very good if you’re kind of tight on budget…